What does non·com·e·do·gen·ic mean to you?

: not tending to clog pores (as by the formation of blackheads)

If you have skin that is prone to breaking out in acne, you should look at every product you apply to your face (including your makeup). Check if this term, noncomedogenic, is written on their product descriptions. If there is/are product(s) not mentioning this, you might need to discontinue using it. This might be the very thing causing your acne!
In the past few weeks, I noticed that I was having increasing episodes of acne and I had to do a major overhaul of ALL my facial products. My face is thanking

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  1. hhmm…i think i have to do same because i just noticed last night that my check bones were kinda rough..i think i have some upcoming blackheads there and need to extract them asap..would look out for the name on my facial products..thanks for the heads up doc..hope you had a splendid birthday and a great family xmas season..here’s wishing you a wonderful 2014 in advance..xoxo.

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