[RECAP] Naturals In The City(NITC) 17

The 17th edition of the quarterly Naturals In The City has come and gone. I enjoyed myself this time because lately I’ve been so busy and stressed so this was a time to unwind with friends.

For the time ever, I actually listened to all the talks. Not completely though because I still had to juggle the registration point but I still got to hear a bit. NITC attempts to cut through the clutter and dish out the truth because there’s so much information out which could be overwhelming.

This time around, there was no workshop or hair talk. We were all about our health because frankly, from what I heard we need to start taking our health particularly the food we eat very seriously. NITC gathered the very best professionals in their various fields. So we had Eze Onwugbenu who is always featured here and he spoke on the Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle which we covered here recently so he just explained it better. We also had award – winning fitness expert Esta Morenikeji talk about making S.M.A.R.T goals for 2017. She definitely spoke to me. I need to get running shoes for 2017. Then we had Dr. Abosede Afolabi school us on becoming a gynecologically healthy female. It was super enlightening plus I got to ask her personal questions for FREE. Hear that? By popular demand, NITC brought back Mrs. Nwosu, a naturopath, and nurse and taught how to maintain our health with herbs.

Finally, Organic Dorothy came up to urge to control our food source by growing our own food. A lot of things she said about the kind of food we’re currently eating gave us chills.

Will NITC be complete without the vendors? Not really. As usual, we had a wide array of vendors. For the first time, we had a fitness vendor. It was amazing to watch the growth so far. Of course, the in-house chef Kitchen Butterfly was there to feed us. We definitely had a great time.

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