Nigerian Trichologists You Should Know

Trichology in a nutshell:

The science of hair and scalp and other related problems.  Ideally, a trichologist has been trained and certified to help clients with hair and scalp conditions. The journey to healthy hair is one that is full of adventures and misadventures. Shedding, stunted growth, dryness could occur and even as self-medication is often opted for, trichologists are available to prove to us that some hair issues are more serious than we think.

A trip to the trichologist would probably be more beneficial than reading a ton of online articles on how to proceed or address your hair issues. Interestingly, a new crop of trichologists are budding in Nigeria and I thought to share some of them with you.

Natmane of DeepBrownKinks: I’m glad to say I’ve known Natmane for a while now. She’s such a passionate young woman and I’m glad that she’s going after what she loves to do! She got her trichology certification and shared the good news here. You would probably find her at the natural hair meet-ups organized by NaturalNigerian and a host of other amazing partners. She is based in Abuja for the Capital-based ladies & gents and collaborates with Farida of Lumo Naturals. For personal consultations, it would be best to consult her blog or send her an email: She is absolutely amazing!

Lesson learnt from Natmane: “If you are passionate about something, get certified for it!”

Atitilola of AfricanNaturalistas: Of course she is definitely on this list, I haven’t met Atitilola yet but I have followed the African Naturalistas blog for a while! She’s a Lagos-based trichologist and her passion for healthy hair is constantly displayed on the aforementioned blog that she contributes to with a number of amazing ladies. She’s so multi-faceted and hair happens to be one of her many interests. For personal consultations, click here.

Lesson learnt from Atitilola: “Stick to your passion long enough and you’d be known for it!”

Are you still doubtful about visiting a trichologist? Check out Uzoma of Don’t Touch the Hair’s account of visiting one and her progress so far! She mentions other trichologists in Lagos for those interested:

  1. – Tresses by K. Vera-Cruz
  2. – Nature’s Gentle Touch Hair Institute


Please don’t hesitate to mention other trichologists you know in the comment section. Enjoy!

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