On the smoothie trail

Hello people, today’s post is on smoothies!

Tunrie shared her recipe some time ago, so let me share mine as well. My first attempt was Banana and watermelon (including the seeds)….it was filling and I could not finish it because the seeds did not blend properly…*blame it on the blender*. On my next attempt, I decided to still use watermelon and still include the seeds (I just believe that nothing is a waste. LOL)

I used:

WATERMELON (everything plus the seeds)



I had to filter it so I could enjoy the goodness…… I hope we (Tunrie and I) can convince you to try smoothies for healthy skin, hair, nails and overall good health! 🙂

Picture below:  

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  1. Wow…delicioso smoothie….i tried banana,pineapple,apple and a pinch of cinnamon….twas so filling…managed to finish a full glass…best served chilled.

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