The Oil Cleansing Method

Have you ever thought of a replacement for those chemical-laden makeup removers, facial wipes and face washes that aren’t exactly healthy for your skin? 

Enter Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

As the name implies, it’s an alternative method for cleansing with the use of oils without stripping the necessary oils from your face. Yes. Just oils.

It’s simply using clean oils to remove dirty oils.

(FYI, oils particularly essential and carrier oils do wonders for the skin. Just so you know)

Moving on,

All you really need is a mixture of selected oils and your fingers.

Usually, Castor Oil is the recommended base oil. Just pair it up with any other oil of your choice with the right measurements according to your skin type. Like this;




And this






Personally, I use Castor oil and EXTRA VIRGIN olive oilmixed in a tiny bottle for convenience. The OCM also doubles as a makeup removal as well as deep pore facial cleanser so you’re safe to ditch those products and wipes. I have been using it for over a year now and it has saved me a lot of  time and money. It also helps to treat acne as well.

Anyone tried the OCM before?

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