Tunrie is Back!!

Hi guys!!!

It’s been a moment but I’ll try to stay a bit more consistent with uploading posts on here. It’s quite therapeutic for me and I actually miss it.

So I’ll try and fill you in on what you missed but for now here goes… I’ve been trying to get more adventurous with styling my hair… since it has been in a high puff for about a week, I decided to switch things up and go for a low puff. LOL! I know, not so adventurous but at least I’m doing something else!

When I had the high puff, all I did was moisturize everyday because the weather is quite dry and maintaining moisture for me is now a chore. Oh well, to achieve my low puff, I did a side parting, made 2 three-strand twists and I really didn’t know what to continue with so I ended up trying my hand at a chunkyflat twist and I gotta tell ya… it wasn’t bad at all. Here are some pictures!



How have you been styling your hair???


P.S: Styling my hair makes me miss the days where someone else was solely responsible for what my hair looked like.. Sigh.. Good to be back!


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