My Henna/Hibiscus Treatment

Last month kicked off my foray into the world of Ayurveda traditional/alternative medicine. I started Henna and Hibiscus powder which I purchased in the last NITC8 (Naturals in the city) meet up. Prior to then, I had read up and prepped myself before-hand so I knew what to expect.

I’m gonna take you through the entire process in pictures but before then, the products and instruments I used;




I wasn’t too sure of the measurement I wanted so I basically just used it all. After mixing the Henna and Hibiscus, I covered it with newspapers and left it overnight to release color. Lo and behold, by morning it didn’t change. I guess the hibiscus overpowered the henna. Anyways I mixed my ORS conditioner which I heard is good for slip, Amla Oil and Honey. When i was done, I took out my gloves and started application.
After generously applying it all over my hair. The mixture obviously weighed my hair down. Especially loved my curls in middle photo.
I covered it first with a nylon bag before using my shower cap and left it for about 5-6 hours. Fortunately, my friend lives next door so she got to enjoy the leftovers.
After washing out, I noticed this particles that refused to go away and a hint of color too.


Heard henna dries out hair so I deep conditioned with ORS Replenishing Conditioner immediately which served as a moisture treatment.
sizzelle hair blogger henna
About 2 hours later, after a long ass day, this is the result. Can you see the red highlights? They weren’t so noticeable until much later.
ebun nigerian hair blogger henna
This is how my hair looks like at the moment. The highlights are more pronounced and the particles have finally been gotten rid of.

Hopefully, this will become a staple in my regimen!

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