Different looks: one hair!

When you install marley twists, especially one which is long, be careful of how you style it for the sake of your front hair…….sometimes  my scalp hurts after trying some styles so I have to re-style it again…..

So today I’ll be sharing the different ways I style my braids:

Pictures Below:::have fun and be inspired!



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    1. Hi, I just stumbled on this website on my quest for Marley hair brands in Nigeria.

      I’ll appreciate it if you have more detailed descriptions of the products you use. Brand names(in this case the type of Marley hair you used) and process because you post the end product and not the process and “we” find it difficult to find products to achieve the same styles.

      I found 3 posts on Marley hair on your blog but none mentioned the products used and whether you cut it or the colour and where you bought it (You mentioned the price somewhere though).

      My apologies for leaving such a lenthy comment on the post. I’ll be back for a response.


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