After 6 weeks, I washed my braids

I got to the stage where I had to wash my braids, the build up was  obvious so I had to wash it…….


  1. Parachute coconut oil
  2. African Naturalistas Shampoo
  3. Warm Water
  4. African Naturalistas Detangling Conditioner (as an instant conditioner)
  5. A towel
  6. My Spritz Bottle;and
  7. My Hands *wink*


  1. I did not dilute the shampoo before applying it.
  2. I allowed the conditioner to stay for 5 minutes, the weight of the braids wouldn’t let me carry it for longer than that.
  3. Towel dried to soak up excess water then blow dried for 10 minutes, applied my hair spritz and sealed with Coconut oil..My hair was shining after the whole procedure and I’m still targeting next month September *fingers crossed*.

My new growth is making me love the hair more everyday………

Here is a picture of my hair  after 5 weeks and counting………



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