Healthy Nigerian dessert: Banana-carrot fruit cream

Hello Everyone!!!

I tried something over the weekend and it turned out well….I wanted to prepare a smoothie with banana, carrot and something else…..but I could not lay my hands on another fruit so I had to make do with what I had.

My mum surprised me by buying me a fruit blender: she said she saw it and remembered that she had a daughter that loves blending fruits and she bought it…so I used it… 😛

For my smoothie, I had a bunch of banana and carrots….I blended the carrot first so it’ll be smooth then I added the banana. I had no idea it’ll turn out to be very thick…I added ice water to it reduce the consistency. When I was done, I had a banana-carrot cream in a cup…I left it in the fridge to make it cold, then enjoyed my healthy ice-cream with a spoon.

Banana is a natural sweetner so no wonder it was soooo sweet….

Would you try this???? If you do, the trick is the amount of water. It will determine the outcome of this healthy ice cream.

There you have it: a great alternative to ice-creams for your children and a healthy Nigerian dessert.

Banana Fruit-Cream

Have Fun and stay healthy.

Wash your hands with soap regularly, make sure your family is safe too.

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