10 Foods Rich In Vitamin E.



Vitamin E is one of those nutrients frequently labelled as ”the skin and hair food’‘ simply because of its plethora of benefits. Some of which include; smoother and flawless skin, protection from sun damage, healthy liver, heart and kidneys and many more.

But first what is Vitamin E?

It is a fat soluble with antioxidants properties which naturally exists in eight diverse forms majorly categorized into Tocopherols & Tocotrienols. The alpha-tocopherol being the most active in human beings.

Vitamin E is majorly in the business of fighting and preventing several health and skin conditions but since the human body cannot produce Vitamin E naturally, it is necessary to rely on external sources and supplements.

What are some of the foods with a high Vitamin E content?

1. Almonds: the richest natural source of Vitamin E. Good thing is they can be either consumed as raw almonds, almond milk or almond oil.

2. Spinach: naturally loaded with Vitamin E as well as many other antioxidants and essential nutrients. This should be incorporated into your diet.

3.Kale: an excellent provider of Vitamin E.

4. Plant Oils: e.g. Wheat Germ Oil, which has the highest vitamin E content. Sunflower oil, Hemp seed oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil and Cottonseed oil are also rich in Vitamin E. That’s why it’s important to buy them cold-pressed organic or unrefined to enjoy their benefits.

5. Avocado: also one of the foods rich in Vitamin E that’s also readily available.

6. Papaya: this doubles as a rich source of both Vitamins C and E.

7. Olives: also a great way of getting your daily dose of Vitamin E either as a fruit or oil.

8. Kiwis and Mangoes:  which are best eaten raw or infused in a salad.

9. Peanut Butter: also a great source of Vitamin E

10. Tomatoes: rich in Iron, fibre, Vitamins C and E.

Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants but the body cannot produce it. That’s why you need to each lots of food rich in Vitamin E to supplement which in turn will prevent premature aging of your skin, reduce sunburns from exposure to UV radiation but most of all help your skin stay healthier and supple. Now you know the beauty of Vitamin E: even when you’re ingesting it for health reasons, it works underneath to protect and repair your skin.

It is however important to note that over consumption of Vitamin E especially from supplements can lead to bleeding or hemorrhaging in women while the lack of it can adversely lead to anaemia and several reproduction-related disorders. It can also affect the eyes and central nervous system.

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