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Hi guys,

Congratulations to us! We made it to 2016. This is no mean feat as we are not better than the ones who passed on in the course of 2015. Do you believe in resolutions? If you don’t, I am certain you believe in making plans of some sort. For those who do, while you were making plans for the year, did you include your hair?

I usually don’t but I have realized that to succeed in anything, you need to plan because luck is more or less an illusion. So this year, I have penned down some resolutions I plan to stick to help me reach my hair goals.

DC More: I used to deep condition monthly and would skip some months when my schedule got too hectic but this year I am putting my calendar to better use and have set the my DC dates ahead. That way I would be notified ahead and can stick to a routine. Deep conditioning has immense benefits from keeping your scalp moisturized to preventing the edges from dryness which leads to breakage.

Protective Styling: Last year, I tried to ensure my ends were protected sixty per cent of the time, this year I’m taking that up a notch to join the wig train. Even though wigs are something I grew up to associate with old age, I have decided to invest in wigs for the good of my hair.

Trim: I hardly ever trim my hair for no particular reason but I am making a conscious effort to ask my hairdresser to trim my ends henceforth. I am not sure of the frequency yet but my hair will certainly be trimmed this year.

Length Check: This was another one that I wasn’t sure of its essence but as we get older and begin to realise the importance of stock taking, it also becomes imperative to monitor how and when your hair grows, what is working and what should be discarded.

With that been said, I’m sure you can guess that my hair goals for the year is to grow longer hair and fuller edges (not like they can cross over my hairline).

Do you have any hair resolutions for 2016? Pray share.

Ephesians 6:10-12


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