Tips for Detangling Your Hair!

So we all know detangling is an important aspect of hair care. Some of us detangle before washing, while washing or even after washing. Sometimes with conditioner, oil, combs, our fingers etc. It can however be a tedious affair lasting up to an hour or more. So I’m just here to help you out with some detangling tips and tricks.

  1. First off, before you do anything with your hair, make sure you’re in a good mood. Or rather, in the mood to touch your hair because if this isn’t the case, things could go downhill really quickly. Secondly, try to keep your energy levels up or else, impatience or fatigue could get you doing the wrong things. So on this note, it’s safe to say the first ingredient you need to properly detangling your hair is *drumroll* PATIENCE! Yea, this is a very important ingredient for hair growth, length retention etc. Patience always tops the lists.
  2. Second item you need are a pair of hair scissors or something sharp. Removing shed hair may be annoying but single strand knots and tangles are on another level. That’s why when I detangle my hair, I always keep a sharp instrument handy… LOL. Not a cutlass or anything. Just a pair of scissors or razor blade. I mean what’s the use of hanging on to strands with more than one single strand knot. And this gets me wondering how my strands manage to get in that state. Ugh, so frustrating. So yea I do keep the sharp object handy just in case I feel a knot or impossible tangle. I don’t think any amount of conditioning can unravel a single strand knot, not unless it’s a surgical procedure, so just CHOP THAT KNOT OFF. LOL. It’s way better to use a sharp object than to snap it off with your hands which can be tempting. Snapping hair off increases the chances of your strands getting split because the ends aren’t blunt but jagged from the snapping effort.
  3. Third, you may need some form of slip. You know sometimes I prefer to detangle my hair dry, other times wet but slip is almost always needed. By slip, I mean something slippery which may come in form of a gel (flaxseed etc) or a really good conditioner as this would help with unraveling knotty tangles (loool. do you get it?)
  4. Oh, before I forget you’d need an instrument for getting through your hair. For me, 98% of the time, it’s my fingers ‘cos I hear my hair snapping off when a comb is introduced no matter how wide-toothed it is. So your instrument could range from your fingers, Denman brush, tangle teezer, paddle brush. Whatever suits your hair type but as for me, my good ‘ole’ fingers would do just fine. Just in case, you go with dry detangling, any preferable oil will help out in that endeavour.

detangling combs

Remember, be patient with your hair and when you feel yourself getting tired, just take a break. And please share, what detangling tips and tricks do you have up your sleeves?

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  1. Hi pls I started my hair journey last now I would like to do cornrows as my protective styling buh how do I moisturize pls is there a liquid moisturize I could use to spray my hair wv I have mane n tail braid spray for synthetic n natural hair buh a find said she read on a blog it ain’t good now am confused pls I need ur advice ASAP

    1. Hi Ummi, there’s no need to be confused. The fact that the product didn’t work for her doesn’t mean it wont work for you. So you can try out the mane and tail spray and see how your hair reacts to it.

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