The 8th Naturals In The City Lagos {NITC8} – In Pictures

After missing 7 editions, I finally attended the 8th edition of The Naturals In The City Lagos on the 28th of June at Omenka Gallery, Ikoyi. Prior to the event, I had already been asked to man the registration point with some other lady which I had gladly accepted.

On the day of the event, I arrived a tad early which gave me just enough time to look around and help with the prep. After a while, there was an influx of guests and vendors as well who hurriedly settled and took their various positions. I wasn’t able to attend the main event because the Registration point wasn’t something I could leave hanging even though we took shifts to buy stuff and take pictures. Notwithstanding, I met a whole lot of people, colleagues, blog readers, familiar faces and whatnot.

Anyways, take a look.


Omenka Gallery


1-NITC 8


1-NITC 816
The Organiser – Natural Nigerian and her sister


Manning the Registration Point with Ibukun and Uche





1-NITC 82


1-NITC 83
Friendship Store


1-NITC 84
Fig Health Store


1-NITC 85
KL’S Beauty


1-NITC 87
African Naturalistas


1-NITC 89
Natural Nigerian


1-NITC 810


Hawaiian Silky Herbal








Sizzelle Team
With the staff at Sizzelle


1-NITC 811
Apples and Oranges Unisex Salon who were on ground to give free styling sessions


1-NITC 813
Cross-section of attendees at the gallery


1-NITC 818
The versatility of Natural hair


1-NITC 817
Accessorizing with Ankara


1-NITC 821


The rain – that tried to mess things up


After a long exhausting rainy day……


Hopefully I’m able to fully attend the next edition and take more photos. It was a great day even though the rain tried to mess things up which of course affected sales. I got to buy exactly what I had budgeted for. I loved that I didn’t go overboard by buying what I didn’t need. Trust me, there was a whole lot of temptation. Lol.

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