It’s time for Naturals in the city Lagos! Lagos Naturals Stand Up!


Natural Nigerian in collaboration with Screwy hair and Carib Health Ltd brings to you the 8th edition of the  natural hair meet-up: Naturals in the city Lagos NITC 8.

It promises to be a fun-packed event with hair lovers from all works of life residing in Lagos bonding, rubbing minds and basically just discussing hair. It also features a product swap where you can swap products you no longer wish to use with products you’d like to try (fairly used and still in good condition).

Don’t forget to mark the date in your diaries and smartphones.

Date:June 28, 2014
Time: 1.30 pm
Venue: Omenka Gallery, 24 Ikoyi crescent, Ikoyi, Lagos.

I’m particularly looking forward to this because I’ve never attended a hair meetup before and I hear it’s so much fun! There’s a lot to learn, people to meet, products to buy and ‘whatnot’. No but really, naturals aren’t exactly accepted in the society with open arms. There’s still a whole of discrimination which means we have a long way to go but with this, I guarantee you’re gonna feel safe at home in the midst of fellow Naturals and not worry a bit about awkward stares or negative comments. It’s just a gathering of people with positive vibes. Yes, I’ve seen a whole lot of pictures of previous NITC events.

So please, plan to attend!

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