Wash Day Chronicles…{Tunrie}

Okay. This is a 2-in-1 wash day post as I hardly ever do this. Normally, my wash days are elaborate and well-detailed events, as per I jot down this and that, mixtures, timings, honestly, you’d think I was planning a wedding. But when the Lord turned around the captivity of Zionnnnnn!!! LOL.

Whoa. Yup. Now guess who’s keeping it so simple. It’s Tunrie!!! Hehehe.

Wash day Part 1 (A week after unraveling twists)

i. Pre-poo with Hair Trigger explosive growth elixir for about 2 hours or so.

ii. Shampooed with Heads & Shoulders Citrus Breeze (please if you’ll use, just concentrate on your scalp and make sure to rinse out completely. I didn’t just concentrate on my scalp though)

iii. Deep condition with Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Masque . This conditioner, sadly didn’t do much for my hair, let’s just say this wasn’t the best wash day in the world.

iv. Proceeded to do my routine LOC moisturising method using Cantu leave-in moisturizer and CeeCee’s Curls Shea Butter to seal and that was that!!!

v. I twisted the sections to prevent tangling. I think this beats the time I used to thread in the past.

My hair was out to play for another 2 weeks (during which I tested out Aunt Jackie’s Curl Custard)

Wash day natural nigerian hair


Wash Day Part 2 (2/08/2014)

I’ve been seeing maishanu (cow ghee) used on my favorite blogs so as usual I wanted to try it out as well but it wasn’t forthcoming so I used my imagination and seeing as I was in a good mood.

i. I sectioned by hair into 3 parts, finger-detangled and applied my Silk Elements MegaSilk Olive Moisturizing Treatment (I love this tub of goodness… please never finish). I applied to all the sections, massaged into my hair and covered up with my cholesterol conditioning cap and shower cap. Left for about an hour.

ii. Washed out and it lathered a bit as a cleansing conditioner or a non-sulfate shampoo would. It was just perfect… My hair was in such a happy place… Until I parted my hair, and what did I see??? Gunk. Yes, at this point I might as well have lifted my length of hair and then give my scalp a proper washing but there’s no magic so I got out my Heads & Shoulders Citrus Breeze shampoo  and concentrated solely on my scalp. Didn’t even know I could pull it off. But I did.

iii. Still went back to using the Silk Elements conditioner to rinse out the parts of my hair that felt scrunchy after the Citrus Breeze wash.

iv. Black tea rinse. (I let it sit for about 10 mins)

v. Final cool rinse-out. And I wrapped with a cotton tee.

vi. LOC method with Cantu leave-in and sealed with Rebirth by Jayla’s whipped shea butter. I twisted the sections to prevent tangling. My hair is a happy bunny right now.

I’m definitely ready to do protective styling now: the hair has played enough. I think I’ll go back to my threading… Not sure yet though…

Part 1 might have altered my hair’s balance but Part 2 did a good job of restoring it!!

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    1. Ebun, I didn’t use any oils funny enough. L was the little water left in my hair, c- my moisturiser, Cantu and I sealed with whipped shea butter since i’ll be protective styling/

    1. I guess it is but not so often and when you do, make sure to concentrate on your scalp and dilute your shampoo and conditioner or else it may be hard to rinse out. 🙂

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