Natural hair Vs. Texturised hair

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How are you guys enjoying your new age?

By new age I mean our collective new age as a country. ThePicMonkey Collage way I see it, we Nigerians are what makes Nigeria a country so when Nigeria turns a year older, so do we! If you don’t understand, it’s fine because I am also getting confused as I explain the logic. Well that was my way of exchanging pleasantries before we head on to the topic of the day which is:

Natural hair vs. Texturized Hair.

Hollup, hollup, I know some members of the #teamnatural are already wondering why on earth I would try to make such a comparison. Let’s be honest here, some of us have hair struggles. And beyond the life-bestowing towering ‘fros are the knots, tangles, dryness and a little bit of breakage that people struggle with. Personally, my struggle with my hair lacking definition for twist outs and the tangles arrrgh… pushed me to reach for a jar of texturizer. 

The aim here is not to force my opinion or make you reach a conclusion. When I decided to write this, I did a lot of Google search research which made me wonder if I would have gone ahead with the process if I had read or knew as much I did now. I possibly wouldn’t have but then again, seeing is believing right? So if you are looking to choose between texturized and natural hair, let’s quickly check out the differences.

Texturized Hair. Let’s start by stating that while texturized is not natural hair, it could still be healthy hair. Hair texturizers are chemical-based and usually contain lye (sodium hydroxide) or no lye (calcium hydroxide) which are also found in hair relaxers. Either way, texturizers straighten your hair (loosen your curls) and might will not leave your curls the same way it was pre-texturizer. The key to having texturized hair without damage is ensuring that the chemical is not left for more than 5-8 minutes on the scalp. Sadly, that wasn’t the case when I texturized.

Natural Hair. Well natural hair is what it is, natural unprocessed hair.

My take on the natural vs. texturized hair discourse is that they both require one to learn how to manage and maintain healthy hair. I have learnt that while natural hair tends to need more moisture-based products, texturized hair needs more strengthening and requires protein-based treatments. I miss the ‘fro and puffs however I have been able to manage my hair in terms of styling it for work. Like all processed hair, you tend to have two different textures with the weaker (processed) texture growing out and breaking off.

I am due for another texturizer update, will I do it again? I think not, because I am opting for a texlax this time. They say life is for living right? Let me experiment while I can.

Till I pass your way again…

Proverbs 3: 5, 6


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  1. I texturized for a year..last year. And this year I did texlaxing .. am considering going back to texturizing or going natural. I like the feel of my texturized hair better.

    1. Thank you Tamie for the insightful comment especially as I was going to texlax in about a fortnight. I’d like to know though; while you texturised, how many times a year was it? Once? Twice? Many thanks…

  2. Hi. I don’t want straight looking relaxed hair but I’m so over the struggles of natural hair.Can you recommend any good texturizers and possibly a good store to get them?

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