My Natural Hair Regimen

Ah, the research I had to do to get this post together. Somehow, doing a regimen post was a biggie for me. I don’t know why but I had to ask my awesome ‘coil friend’, Ekene of to explain what it should look like considering that I’m still a learner. LOL.
Biko, this is not the intro she told me to do o. I just like a little suspense in the beginning… Sorry. Okay now.

My Encarta dictionary says a regimen is a program to improve health: a prescribed or recommended program of medication, diet, exercise, or other measures intended to improve health or fitness, or stabilize a medical condition.

Yes, exactly what I needed to hear/read. Abeg. Anyhoo.

Your hair regimen should be a specially drawn up method with the aim to generally improve your hair health. It may to a large extent involve a bit of trial and error until you get used to what you hair likes and what it doesn’t. There’s a special method to everybody’s madness when it comes to a hair regimen. It is however important to have a hair regimen to suit your hair needs so you can get closer to attaining your hair goals and have a healthy head of hair. I particularly tailored my madness according to my hair’s basic needs AND my frugality.

My regimen: Typically, I do protective styling a lot because I try to minimize activities that could break my hair and even when it’s out, I tend to just plait ‘kalaba’ and tie a scarf everywhere. But that’s just me.

Washing: When washing, I think more attention should be paid to the scalp because your hair would thrive & grow more when your scalp is clean and healthy. Also, remember to wash with the pads of your fingers not your nails. Hian! All those salonists that want to peel someone’s scalp when shampooing.. Tufia.

Before I do my protective styles, I make sure to wash my hair with Black Soap. I deconstructed my Dudu Osun and melted it with hot water and a blend of oils. I use it out of a soap dispensing bottle…that way, I can make the most out of it plus it won’t dry out my hair as much because of the oils. After rinsing the shampoo, I wrap my hair with a cotton tee (which turn out to be the shirts I used for my National Youth Service – NYSC. LOL. I put them to good use :P). After the t-shirt soaks up a bit of the water, I proceed to deep condition.


Deep conditioning: Here, the attention shifts from your scalp to your strands: they are the ones that need deep conditioning. This step is really important for hair health as it revives the cuticles. My go-to deep conditioner (DC) is Queen Helene’s Cholesterol Creme mixed with Aloe vera gel. The first time I used it, I got clumps of the Creme in my hair. So now, I mix it with Aloe vera gel to dilute it a bit.
My second go-to conditioner is Silk Elements Moisturizing Treatment. The first one is a moisturising deep conditioner while the other is a mild protein deep conditioner so I always try to balance them up when doing this process. Always remember there’s a need to balance up protein and moisture levels. After keeping my DC for about 30-45 minutes, I rinse with cold water. I leave it for that long because the essence is for the DC to penetrate the strands. I almost always use cold water on my wash days. Yes, I’m hardcore like that but it’s also really good for your strands. After rinsing, I then proceed to do the LCO (liquid-cream-oil)  method of moisturizing to keep my hair yummy.

Moisturizing: Here, the dampness of my hair serves as the L (liquid) and then I section my hair mostly into four. Next, I apply my Cantu Shea leave-in repair cream. I finger-comb or comb from ends to roots and then seal with Castor oil. I usually braid or twist it up to avoid tangling. I use castor oil to seal most of the times because it is a heavy oil and so it seals in all that moisture. I also oil my scalp lightly with castor oil or my special blend of oil (amla, palm kernel, coconut, olive) to keep dryness away.

And that’s my basic wash-day regimen!

My hair regimen also includes Ayurvedic Treatments and scheduled tea rinses which I’m trying to incorporate at least once a month as I find that my hair loves them. Some awesome stuff I would like to add to my regimen will be ACV (apple cider vinegar rinses) and Rhassoul clay washes for starters. I will probably be doing more posts on my hair regimen. What’s yours?

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  1. Hi. I jst stumbled across this blog. Its nice to have fellow naija natural sisters out there. I have had natural hair now for over 8years. People keep trying to get me to use relaxers but I refuse. Shea butter and coconut oil are my favorite products absolutely cannot live without them. Keep up the good work I will continue to visit you site.

  2. Finally a Nigerian natural hair blog. I hope some of your contributors are naija based too. I always have this feeling that Nigerians in oyibo countries have better chances at growing long natural hair because of the weather and the availability of natural hair products. Thanks for sharing

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