The Formula For Keeping Your Natural Hair Moisturized For Up To A Week

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had to overcome in my natural hair journey is keeping my hair moisturized for a long time.


My highly porous 4A hair is not dense so it absorbs every and anything and still dries out. I experimented with a number of methods and products. From moisturizing every day to every other day and finally, once a week. From thick moisturizers to runny products, the list was almost exhausting until I stumbled on a solution.

The LOC Method.

Yes, I know you have probably heard about it – layering your products following the liquid, oil and cream method. Yeah. Nothing new there.

What I bet you didn’t know is that the type of products you use for your LOC method matters too. For instance, if you use a light leave in with a light oil and finish up with a light butter, your hair cannot stay moisturized for long.

The trick is to use heavy/thick products for your LOC method. 

Once I discovered this, my moisturizing game changed. I didn’t have to worry about the presence and absence of moisture because my hair was not lacking.

So, during wash days, I lay out my products and moisturize accordingly. So, far this formula has worked;


This is what my hair butter looks like;

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Perhaps, one of the best things about identifying your #hairtype is knowing the best products to use. It saves you a lot of time and energy trying out a whole lot of products. This right here is my all purpose #whipped #hairbutter. It's my #holygrail. The C in my #locmethod for #sealing my #ends and #twisting my hair. (No, I don't use twisting/styling products. Story for another day) Since I discovered it's functionality, I've never had to buy any other hair butter. In fact, my mind has been programmed in such a way that I don't even see any other product that attempts to keep my hair moisturized. I simply don't see them. There's absolutely nothing you can tell me. Which is why I also try to switch up the fragrances and oils so it doesn't get too monotonous. In my subsequent posts, I'll be showing you my staple carrier and essential oils. Meanwhile, have you found the perfect combination for keeping your hair moisturized for up to a week? Because I have and this butter here is the truth!

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So, you can see that I used thick products to moisturize my hair. If you’re worried about build-up, limit this formula to wash days alone so you can also use the opportunity to clarify your scalp.

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