Natural Hair Blogs I Follow.

As a follow-up to the initial two posts on transitioning relaxed hair blogs and current relaxed hair bloggers, I have decided to do a post on which natural hair blogs I follow.

Here goes nothing:

1. Natural Nigerian, known for her flare for natural living, nutrition etc.

2. Deepbrown & Kinks, my travelling Abuja sis, that collaborates with Natural Nigerian to organise hair meet-ups etc.

3. The Afrikan Butterfly, Ekene, the one I always ‘famz’, blogs at The Kink and I.

4. Sandeeeey’s Hair of Life!!!! The best for your daily dose of hair envy and drool.

5. Hodgepodge Files, known for her amazing hair and ayurvedic methods.

6. HappyKinks, I personallly love her hair!!! So silky and yes, she’s into ayurveda.

7. Kinky Apothecary, I follow her mostly on instagram, but she has a blog. It’s kinda picture heavy so I tread lightly.

8. Klassy-Kinks, who I also mostly follow on instagram.

9. Jouelzy on Youtube. Her tutorials are usually really helpful…

10. NaturalMe4C on Youtube. This page is just so hilarious, she and her husband are so cute. And her tutorials are awesome. Another hair drool page.

11. Chizi Duru, another good one.

12. Breanna Rutter, her tutorials may be a bit slow but you’ll get to know what you want to when she’s done.


They are many others I randomly stalk but these are the ones I can think of. KLS Naturals is my most recent addition to the list. Let’s not forget, African Naturalistas. I also hear Sizzelle blog has cool natural hair blogers. ;). My list is definitely not constrained to natural hair bloggers, I follow many of the blogs initially mentioned by Dr. Fomsky but I try to limit the natural hair blogs to bloggers that have my similar hair type and probably may have the same issues I have.


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