My wash day regimen August 12th – 14th, 2013 {Dr Fomsky}

My penultimate wash day was on Wednesday, 7th of August, 2013 in preparation for my flight the next day (I was leaving the U.S back to Nigeria). You won’t believe that on our way to the airport, we realized that the bag with our passport had been left behind at home!! By the time we got back home, it was already too late to catch the flight. Needless to say, we missed our flight!!

Anyways, we had to reschedule our flight for Saturday. I had already packed all my hair stuff and there was no way I was going to unpack that bag or have another wash day so my hair was left with no moisturizing or Greenhouse till I arrived Nigeria on Monday morning. (It took that long because we flew from the U.S to London, spent about 18 hours there and then took another 6-hour flight to Nigeria!!).

This wash day was a bit protracted because I really wanted to give my hair a good treat. Secondly, I was trying to catch up with my Sizzelle staff and update new products. To top it all, I was also trying to settle back into my house!!

1. On Monday, I applied some Hair Trigger growth elixir (Regular scent) to my scalp.

2. Next, I applied some Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut oil to the length of my hair. This oil really makes my hair soft and silky.

3. I wore this Evolve Conditioning cap that I had previously seen on Naija Hair can grow website. I covered this with a crochet beret cos’ this conditioning cap looks really shiny!! I wore it the whole day and went to bed with it.

4. Yesterday (Tuesday), I washed my hair with Organic Root Stimulator Aloe Shampo… This shampoo is a clarifying shampoo and helps to remove buildup from the hair.

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5. I deep conditioned my hair with Joico Body Luxe Conditioner for Fullness and Volume for about 3 hours. I finally rinsed it out later that evening.

6. I squeezed out the excess water from my hair. For my leave-ins, I applied Aussie Moist 3-minute miracle Deeeep conditioner to my hair and Liquid Gold bald spot treatment oil to my scalp. To seal in the moisture, I applied some more Dabur Vatika Oil.

I was not in the mood to wear a scarf so I just let it air dry like that. When it was almost dry, I threw on my satin bonnet and went to bed.

7. This morning, I sprayed my hair lightly with Aphogee Green Tea Restructurizer. Then, I detangled my hair and that was it. It didn’t dry as silky-looking as when I detangle first but my hair feels really smooth when I dry it this way and that I like.

wash day sizzling mommy aug 13 th 2013 pic 2

wash day sizzling mommy aug 13 th 2013

I made a mistake by wearing a black t-shirt cos’ it doesn’t allow for a contrast between my hair and the t-shirt!!

How was your last wash day?


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