2015 Relaxed Hair Regimen – My henna regimen {Dr_fomsky}

For a background information, this is a description of my hair:

  1. Relaxed hair. I leave my relaxer on for 15 – 20 minutes before rinsing it off. This time includes the application AND the smoothing time.
  2. High porosity. This means that my hair easily absorbs moisture but also loses it easily. On the other hand, if you have low porosity hair, it means that your hair doesn’t easily absorb moisture but when it does, it retains it longer. You can also have normal porosity hair which is more or less balanced in terms of absorbing and retaining moisture.
  3. Fine hair strands. In simple terms, this means that the diameter of my hair strands is narrow.
  4. Low density hair. Hair density refers to the number of strands of hair found on your hair. It is usually genetically determined but reduction in hair density might be the result of ageing, chemicals, etc.

On wash days, no matter what products I use, these are the steps I usually follow:

  1. Prepoo
  2. Cleanse
  3. Deep condition.

Why do I use henna?

  1. To give my hair shine.
  2. To thicken my hair strands. It binds to the hair strand and helps to thicken it.
  3. To strengthen my hair strands.
  4. To improve my hair porosity. In simple terms, it helps to fill in cracks on the hair strands.
  5. Cover greys. I have started noticing one or two grey hairs here and there. Henna is a natural way to dye the hair.

What kind of henna do I use?

I use a henna called Lush Cosmetics Caca Noir. Regular henna can give your hair a reddish hue and my hair was becoming redder than I wanted. To prevent henna from making your hair red, you can add some alma powder to it OR do an indigo treatment after rinsing out the henna. Doing an indigo and henna treatment in one day is too time-consuming and that is why I decided to use this brand of henna. It comes in a hard bar which contains henna & indigo already mixed with cocoa butter. I use it once every 3 months.

You can use any henna available to you but BODY ART QUALITY HENNA (BAQ Henna) is the best kind of henna. An example of BAQ Henna is Jamila Henna.

What is my henna regimen?

  1. PREPOO: I cut the henna bar in 6 chunks. Put in a plastic bowl. Next, I immerse the bowl in a pot of boiling water for about 15 minutes. When the henna is melted, I add coconut oil.
    After the coconut oil and henna are all melted together, I take the mix off the stove and then add water slowly till I get a batter-like consistency.
  2. I apply the mixture to my hair in 4 sections. Next, I sit underneath my dryer for 30 minutes and then leave it in for another 4 hours. I don’t wear a shower cap over my hair. wpid-2014-12-13-18.39.12.jpg.jpeg
  3. Rinse out the henna. It is so difficult rinsing this out!!!!
  4. Apply a conditioner to my hair to help remove the henna. I rinse it out. I do this about 4 – 6 times, maintaining the 4 sections I started with to prevent my hair from tangling.
  5. CLEANSE my hair to remove the residue henna. (Mizani Butter Blend Balancing Hair bath)
  6. DEEP CONDITION with Shescentit Curl moist conditioner for at least 30 minutes with heat. Henna is a strengthening treatment and should be followed by an intensive deep conditioning session to bring the hair back to its normal soft state. Rinse off the conditoner.
  7. Apply Phyto Phytollium4 drops. This helps to reduce shedding.
  8. T-shirt dry or use my Turbie towel for at least 30 minutes to soak excess water from my hair.
  9. Apply my leave-ins: Kurlee Belle thirsty kurls leave-in conditioner and Pura body naturals murumuru moisture milk. Detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb.
  10. Apply Jamaican black castor oil serum with argan oil to my scalp. Tropic-Isle-Living-Jamaican-Black-Castor-Oil-Serum-with-Argan-Oil-
  11. I finger comb my hair lightly to remove any tangles left.
  12. Seal in the moisture using 100% pure argan oil.
  13. I usually just air dry because the whole process of applying the henna is too long and I don’t have the strength for any other style:
    • Put my hair in a bun. If I am going out, I usually just leave my  hair in this bun.
    • Leave my hair to dry naturally.
    • In the evening, moisturize my hair lightly with Hairveda Red Tea Satin moisturizer. Detangle my hair lightly with my wide tooth comb and fingers.
    • Put my hair in a low ponytail and tie a scarf on my hair. Go to bed.
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