Activating your fitness rebirth

Hello everyone, Happy New Month!

I’m pretty sure most of us had the goal of improving our fitness featured our New Year’s resolutions. Yes, right beneath the goal of upping the eyebrow game for ladies and boosting the existing scores on the latest FIFA game for the guys. On a serious note, fitness is probably beneath your goal of improving your savings and getting that additional certificate to boost your chances on the highly competitive labour market.

Wherever fitness ranks on your list of priority, the point is – it’s important. Even better when it is supported with good nutrition and healthy practices. Personally, I have always loved the idea of fitness. I love walking and not feeling my stomach jiggle up and down – no offence but little things like this bother me. We all know of the tell-tale Christian mother arms, I have those 🙁 but thanks to my consistency with my new fitness routine, muscles are developing where they never existed!

My fitness routine was born out of necessity, I stumbled on an article that basically described what my body was at the time. I was skinny-fat: yes, it’s real. I’m adding a link here so you could read up on it. My journey to renovate my temple aka body began with a simple decision to work out every day twice a day for 20 minutes (that has now improved to 30 minutes or more depending on my schedule.)

My mornings: Sets similar to these gotten from FitGirlsGuide on Instagram, I would mostly mix it up to suit my laziness/motivation levels. They usually involve reps of push ups, squats, burpees etc.

My evenings: Ideally I would do a Youtube workout that ranges from kickboxing and high-intensity intervals trainings to dance workouts that range from Tampa twerking to salsa.

Saturdays: I substitute my 30 minutes workout for a run/jog for 30 minutes in the mornings.

Youtube is the new gym everyone! Well, your room/space is your gym, YouTube is where your instructors are and my favourites so far are Kierra LaShae of superherofitnesstv and Scola Dondo. Kierra is a great motivator and Scola’s dance moves make me feel good about myself 😀 Let me know how you’re doing fitness-wise this year. If January was a fail, February’s another chance to try again!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this.Humbly appreciate. Knowledge on its own is not power.It can produce disgrace if not applied. It is applied knowledge that is power. Thanks again

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