Multi-masking with SKIN FOOD Rice and Black Sugar Wash Off Masks

You know how we all have different guilty pleasures? Some of my friends love their makeup, others love their on-point wardrobe and all, well for me it’s all about skincare. So yea, I’m tethering at the edge of being a full-scale product junkie but thank God for the grace to be minimalistic in spite of this Archilles’ heel of mine!

Tonight’s relaxing season for me started with a well-rounded pot of tea (I finished it myself, don’t play with me). Then a movie on Iroko, some dancing and finally a skin-pampering session. I decided to multi-mask with the 2 SKINFOOD masks I have! If you’re not familiar with this, we spoke about multi-masking in this post.

The suspects:

Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

Everyone and their mum have this product, to be honest I got it because I had heard so many great reviews. This exfoliating scrub smells great. The brown sugar does a good job of leaving your skin feeling porcelain soft. Unlike the rice mask which is MILD, this actually gets in there. I’m partial to this mask because I can actually feel it graze against my skin. This however doesn’t undermine the efficacy of the rice mask. They’re both hydrating and do not dry my skin out.

Rice Mask Wash Off

This is a mild exfoliant that promises to keep the skin youthful and radiant. It is light and milky and gently (to be discussed) gets off dead skin cells while the rice extract brightens your skin and gives it a fresh glow. Remember Mulan and her rice powder. Haha!


Would you believe it if I said I literally poured half the content of both masks down the drain? Well yes I did! Yes, I heard reviews, I watched videos, scoured blogs but in the midst of all this – I actually never learned/remembered how to actually use the products.

For the longest time, I used them like regular cleansing gels which they weren’t. Thank God I stumbled upon a recent review and had my light bulb revelation! I was supposed to apply the masks and leave on for 10-15 minutes!

Lesson for the day: READ THE TEXT ON YOUR PRODUCTS! You might just be using them wrongly. I’m glad I learned this lessons. Now I can actually get the best out of my coins.

Where to purchase: These two products are actually widely available on Korean beauty stores (K-Beauty is the business now o). I got mine from JOLSE (shout out to the Modavracha blog for the plug!). Oh I wish I had an affiliate code.

What are you waiting for?

Get yours or better yet, grab that tub(e) of clay you never use. Give your skin a pamper session this weekend! Glow like the queen you are!

Until next time, enjoy!

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