Monday Inspiration – 5 Tips On Achieving Your Hair Goals


In one of my previous posts, I talked about some of my hair goals for the year which includes protective styling and length retention amongst other things. After which, I asked about yours and how you planned to achieve them.

I’m gonna be sharing a few tips on achieving your goals.

1. Set realistic goals.
This is obviously a no-brainer. You cannot go about setting a 12” length goal – for instance –  when you know hair grows roughly at the rate of 1/2″ monthly. No matter how much retention techniques you try, it just can’t happen. So please set realistic and tangible goals.

2. Make a plan.
Of course a plan helps guide you and put things into perspective. It’s always easier when there’s a plan to follow through. That way, the goals you want to achieve don’t seem so difficult anymore. You could easily break the goals into mini goals.

3. Work towards your goals.
It’s one thing for you to set goals and it’s entirely another to work towards them. Make actual efforts. Let that wash day COUNT. Let that protective style challenge count.

4. Document your progress.
You need all the encouragement and support you can possibly get. And when they are all absent in human form, you need to take it upon yourself to do the needful. Documenting your progress mostly by photos helps fuel and charge you up positively by pushing you towards your goals.

5. Reward yourself.
If at the end of it all – or even half-way through – you’ve gotten laudable results, there’s nothing wrong in giving yourself a treat as a form of incentive to achieve even bigger goals.

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