LOC : Liquid, Oil, Cream or Leave-in, Oil, Cream?

One of the first things a new natural or transitioner learns is how to properly moisturise or keep their hair moisturized. When I first cut my hair and really didn’t understand what to do with my hair, I did a lot of research. I learnt that I could moisturise my hair with the LOC or LCO method.

The Method: The LOC/LCO is as follows: L for Liquid, O for Oil and the C for Cream. I mostly use the LCO method, on freshly washed hair or hair that has been spritzed to make it a bit damp. When I spritz my hair or it’s just freshly washed, this stands for the L in the LOC (which is basically water, as the hair needs water to thrive). I apply my C, which turns out to be my Cantu leave-in repair cream and then I seal all the moisture with my O, a blend of oils OR just castor oil (I use castor oil as it is one of the heavier oils).



This method is pretty easy and gets the job done really well. At least, it has worked for me. Why am I then doing this post? Well, very recently, I started noticing another meaning to this LOC method which to me seems a little ‘meh’. In this variant method, LOC is Leave-in, Oil and Cream (where cream actually means whipped shea/mango/cocoa butter).
First off, I really don’t have any problem with this variant method: it just seems a bit bleh. Excuse my lack of words to express my opinion. LOL.

Anyways, if you’ll use this method, instead of L for Liquid, you get L for Leave-in. This to me, seems like a tautology because the primary/first ingredient that most leave-in conditioners have is Aqua (which is water anyway) so maybe the L is both Liquid and Leave-in. Anyways in this other LOC method, after applying your leave-in, you then go to the O, which is your oil and then finally seal it all with your C, which could happen to be with your whipped butter.

Both methods aren’t actually so hectic but if it happens that this alternate method is the correct way to go, then I apparently have been moisturizing my hair incompletely since I always leave out the whipped butter part. Honestly, if I do get whipped butter I know I would mostly use it on my skin than my hair: my hair has been faring quite well with the Liquid, Cream, Oil method I’ve been using.

Initially, when I noticed this LOC discrepancy, I was going to rant about it then I realised there isn’t a board of natural hair that all the information passed on blogs go through. The thing is: each person acts as a ‘guinea pig’ of some sorts and experiments with products & practices. She then shares her experiences, which is a good thing. It is then left to the reader to see what works for her.

So if either of this moisturising methods work for you, then yay! If neither, then you’ve got some experimenting to do, which should be fun! What do you think about this LOC or LCO discrepancy? Please share your opinions…


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