My mini hair product haul!


So I got this deep motivation to finally take good care of my hair and rock it whether coarse or hard!

I knew I could do something about it. I could do something that’ll make it soft and fluffy (the dream of every girl with a 4c coarse Low porosity hair). So, I went out to get some hair products:


ORS Replenishing Conditioner (a light protein conditioner)————-N 1,200


Vitale Hair Mayonnaise (A heavy protein deep conditioner)—————N 850


Hair Scissors (I needed a big trim)—————————————————N 150

Tail Comb—————————————————————————————N 30

Black Soap (Traditionally Made. Using it as a sulfate free shampoo)—–N 50

I’’ll  do a product review of every item except the scissors and tail comb but if you want me to review it for you let me know in the comment box *wide grin*

Hope you enjoyed your Valentine day!?



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  1. am looking forward to reading your review on these products…i noticed my hair has been growing out curly….kinda twisted from the roots…if i were white i’d say i had curly yankee hair..but am proudly igbo..and it’s not good for our hard core nija hair…if you know what i mean…looks like am gonna go back to organic hair conditioner..would try out the black soap too.

    1. I’ll definitely do a review,. should have a regimen that will add moisture and Protein to your hair, More Moisture Less Protein..
      2. When you show TLC to your hair, you’ll come to love that Curly-Yankee-hard-core-naija-hair.

      1. lol..thanks darl..i do have a regimen..but i noticed 3months ago, that my new growth came out bother’s me because most times, i have to untwist them with my fingers…and this happens even in a commercial bus..i no send my hair…would work on adding more moisture and less protein..i just had my hair twisted yesterday so i can have a few weeks break of having to untwist my hair..

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