Meet Tex Queen, Actress Ijeoma Aniebo

Our Tex Queen for today is the award-winning actress; Ijeoma Aniebo. You may have seen her on your TV screen for her role in GidiUp or on stage in Lagos Life, London Living and most likely scrolled past her pretty face on Instagram. Either ways, you can see how versatile she is both in her career and personal life. She is not afraid to rock edgy styles and latest beauty trends. Of course her long, lustrous relaxed hair basically called out my name and I had to have a chat with her on how she manages to keep it envious.


Hair Regimen: I wash my hair every week using a sulphate free shampoo. I usually pre-poo with a mixture of Emily Millionaire herbs mixed with coconut and olive oil or just coconut oil. I retouch every 12 weeks or 14 depending on the state of the hair. Every other week, I do a black tea rinse for strength and colour control or an ACV rinse for the cleansing that a sulphate shampoo will give and binding so the hair doesn’t lose too much moisture as mine is quite porous.


Favourite part of my regimen: Washing my hair. I’d wash it every day if I could.

Most annoying part of my regimen: Not being able to let my hair down always.

Favorite hair products: ORS relaxer and hair mayonnaise, Coconut oil, JBCO.

Hair you admired as a child: Asian women

Ultimate goal length: Don’t really have at the moment, the hair seems to have a mind of its own. Also hair that is too long or too short is problematic to maintain.

Healthy hair or long hair: Both actually. I’ve always had long hair so healthy became my focus for a bit but the healthier it got the longer it did as well so yeah!

Ever considered cutting your hair: When I’m 50 maybe. And I’ll never grow it back.

Favourite hair accessories: Scrunchies. My hair is usually in a pony tail of some sort or a bun.

Oils or butters: Both. They both have their merits and work together for my good.

Bun or Ponytail: Ponytail more. Bun once in a while.

Wig or weave: Wig. I haven’t put weaves in 6 years.

Favourite hairstyle: Ponytail. Lol! I like looking at that length behind me! But my hair stylist has other ideas as you can see.

Go-to source for hair info: My sister. She’s on a hair journey and is almost waist length texlaxed.

Advice to someone who wants to grow their hair relaxed and healthy: Listen to your hair. It will tell you how to take care of it and also don’t fly from one product to the other looking for a cure. It damages your hair. Better to get proper analysis of your hair structure and type then read, read and read. After you’ve relaxed, your hair is very tender, stay away from all braids, weaves, etc for at least 3 weeks. In that time you should have washed and deep conditioned 4 times. Always wash relaxed hair a second time 3 or 4 days after relaxing. Then time your stylist, your relaxing process should be 25 mins maximum, from start to finish if your hair is full. 15-20mins is the actual average. Anything more than that is over processing.

Thank you Ijeoma, your beautiful tresses are clearly not a fluke. For more #HairEnvy, you can check her Instagram page @declectic

Peace, love & dodo

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