Managing my Ghana weaving style

Hello beautiful people.

I just want to share with you tips on how I manage my protective style (Ghana braids).

My choice of style is Ghana weaving *that’s what we call it* … you know that weaving that you have to give tiny bundle of hair extension every second for a section of the weave to be completed.

Many sisters don’t like this kind of hairstyle because:

  • If not properly and carefully done, you’ll lose your front/baby hair.
  • It might be too tight, damaging your hair and causing lots of pain.

BUT I love it because I don’t have to spend hours getting my hair done plus I get up in the morning and never worry about styling my hair 🙂

Ghana weaving

Well, to keep it neat, I do the following:

  • Never wash till after 4 weeks. I do this because if I scrub too much, I have lots of loose strands to trim and I don’t want to lose any strand of hair. LOL.
  • I spray water + Vinegar to kill the itches.
  • Oil my hair line with Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO) once a week.
  • After two weeks, I trim off stray hairs caused by sleeping movements and after 4 weeks remove the braids 🙂

That’s it for now!!!
The next time you try the Ghana Weaving style, you can follow these steps and rock your hair with pride.

Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading…

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