How To Manage Your Hair In The Rainy Season

The rains are here and it’s only right to adjust our regimen to suit the season.

As you might have guessed, the rainy season means the humidity and temperature gets relatively high. The rainy reason is actually the best for natural hair and unlike ladies running around trying to prevent rains from messing up their extensions, we embrace the rains as it’s another way to add moisture to our hair.

So, how does the rainy season affect our hair?

  1. 1. The season helps keep our hair better hydrated and reduces the chances of it drying out.
  2. 2. It increases elasticity which makes it prone to frizz. You might as well forget about using heat for now.

3. It is generally a feel-good season as it’s a relief from the heat wave especially in this part of the world.

But how do we care for our hair? Are there precautions we need to take when caring for our hair during the rainy season?

Let’s find out.

  1. A. Wash hair at least once weekly. No matter what happens, don’t forget to wash your hair. If you’re not a fan of the shampoo, you can always co-wash.
  2. B. Condition and moisturize your hair properly. You can add humectants like glycerine to your products to draw in moisture from the atmosphere.
  3. C. Don’t forget to lock in the moisture with oil and seal with a heavy butter. With this, you might not need to re-moisturize frequently. and your hair will feel lush all week long. Also protect your hair from the occasional sunshine with a product with SPF like Shea butter. Of course, if you seal in the moisture with shea butter, it doubles as a sun protection.

Now, we know how to manage our hair. What styles are weather-friendly then?

Generally, all styles from wash and gos to twist -outs, straw coils. Basically, all of the styles you couldn’t rock during the heat wave, here’s the time to do so. Bear in mind that it is also important to stay away from silk presses and blow – outs. These are not your best bet this season.


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