MAKEUP: Let’s talk eyeliners

Eyeliners are a necessary item in a lady’s make-up stash.

  • They complete the whole look and gives shape to the eyes (which are the window of the soul).
  • They are sold everywhere from 150 – 1500 Naira.
  • It was one of the first beauty products I bought.

With time and information, I have realized that make-up products have great effect on my skin, and I needed to be careful about the products I use. So I decided to upgrade *talk about Beyonce’s “let me upgrade you“* LOL . My first try is the Hegai and Esther Gel Liner……….


– It came in a small pot with an applicator. This small pot should last for months before I get another one.

I do love water-proof and glossy looking eye products………..especially in eye liners. This product has water-proof properties and stays on till I wash it off .  Although it is perfect for my upper lid, I don’t like it for my ‘waterline’: I’m still eyeing the Maybelline collossal kajal  for my waterline and that will be the end of my eye make-up story.*LOL*


– I also added an angled brush to my brush collection and although it’s small, I can use it to apply concealer when I groom my brows.

What eyeliner(s) do you have?? What colour(s)??

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  1. I started with pencil eyeliners then liquid. Now I’m back to pencils. Couldn’t really be bothered.

    Where did you get yours from though? I currently alternate between Black Opal eye/lip liner and Mary and Kate Ashley Kohl eyeliner.

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