How to make a facial moisturizer

Getting a facial moisturizer has proved to be a bit of a challenge. This is mostly as a result of my combination skin as opposed to the dry skin on the rest of my body.


For a long time, I didn’t buy or even use any product. A while ago, I started using sweet almond oil mostly because it’s incredibly lightweight, odorless and doesn’t sit on my face plus it is absorbed very fast.

Lately, I’ve been trying different things and this recipe just popped into my head. Instead of using oils alone, how about I add something to actually moisturize my face while the oils seal in the moisture. Makes sense right? I thought so.

What You Need
Aloe vera gel
Sweet almond oil
Grapeseed oil

The oils can be substituted with avocado oil. The idea is to use the lightest oils to avoid coating your face.

Just get an empty container and mix equal amounts of aloe vera gel with the oils. Viola!

After application, the aloe vera gel will definitely be absorbed and the oils will be left to seal it in.

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