How to make drinking water less boring

Remember when Gabrielle Union, the very definition of “black don’t crack” gave us all tips on the secret to her radiance? Well, if you don’t the secret is water, lots and lots of water.

The thing is, water could get boring. I mean, sometimes we get so carried away with fizzy drinks like Fayrouz and Coca Cola or bottled juices which I don’t trust and absolutely forget to drink water! This article written by Dr Fomsky perfectly explains why drinking water is so important for the optimal internal regulation of the body and for amazing skin and great hair.

Since drinking water is sometimes an issue for me basically because it’s boring sometimes, I am sharing a couple of tricks I use to get myself to drink more water.

  • Sprucing it up with a bit of lemon or lime: my student budget does not always allow me get fresh ones instead I opt for the bottled ones, I always try to put a bit of this in my bottle of water and it just gingers me to drink the whole thing before putting down the bottle.
  • Speaking of ginger, it is also amazing. A great substitute for lemon juice is apple cider vinegar also known as ACV: I know we use this for everything from clarifying hair to getting rid of hard water stains but this also helps me to consume more water. I use it like i use lemon juice by adding a bit to my bottle of water. It also has great health benefits when taken in moderation.
  • Tea: if water is absolutely horrific to drink, you could just add a sachet of green tea or a blend of herbs and make some tea out of it, tada!
  • Infusions: this is a great way to drink water, it’s so fancy and healthy and for those that can actually afford to buy lots and lots of fruits. It’s amazing!
  • Smoothies: everyone loves smoothies, especially when you have one of those bullet on-the-go blenders. They are a great way to drink more water as you could just ‘smoothie’ up an apple, a bit of ginger and a LOT of water.
  • Dilute, dilute, dilute: I also drink a bit more water by diluting every slightly sugary thing I drink. Yes I know but it really helps, besides all that sugar is not good for you. :p

What other tips help you drink more water? Please share and have a great week!

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