Maintaining Natural Hair in Box Braids

1-123PHOTO3   A couple of weeks ago, I installed box braids on my hair by myself. But before then, I made sure I prepped my hair properly before installing. 4weeks later, I took it down gently to reduce breakage. Anyways I’m going to be sharing my maintenance process before, during and after the braiding. Prep.


  • Because of my dry scalp, I spray my scalp with my hair spritz daily. Sometimes twice a day.
  • And Seal with my oil mixture which comprises of EVOO, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil and Almond Oil.
  • (I avoid using any kind of butter all through to avoid buildup so water and oils were my best bet)
  • At night, I put the braids up in a bun and sleep in a satin bonnet
  • Once a week, I co-wash, concentrating on my scalp after which I moisturize with my oil mixture and leave it to drip and dry for a whole day.

Take Down

  • After 4 weeks, I took down the braids carefully,
  • Detangled each braid with my oil mixture,
  • Braided my natural hair in sections to avoid tangles,
  • When I was done, I did a hot oil treatment for my itchy scalp which also doubled as a prepoo,
  • Covered my hair in a shower cap for 30 minutes,
  • After which I shampooed and conditioned,
  • And then, I did a black tea rinse to stop the shedding and alleviate the itchy scalp,
  • Dried with a makeshift towel (my cotton tee),
  • I applied Organics Hair Mayonnaise generously to put my hair back in shape and covered it for 3 hours,
  • After which, I rinsed out with cold water,
  • Moisturized with African Naturalistas Leave-in and sealed with Castor oil and Shea butter,
  • And then I braided it in sections and went to sleep in my satin bonnet.

Trust me, with all this, I was able to retain (some) length and protect my hair at the same time. At the end, my hair was back in shape; as good as new like nothing happened. It might seem like a lot of work but please endeavor to properly maintain your hair while it is in a protective style.

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