Losing weight is all about DETERMINATION, DRIVE and DISCIPLINE.

I get questions from my dear readers asking me for tips to lose weight. I’ve found that the key traits you MUST possess to lose weight, get a flatter tummy or simply live a healthy lifestyle are determination, drive and discipline. If you don’t have these, you’ll most likely not succeed in your goal to lose weight.



The act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose. Firmness of purpose.

Determination is two-fold: firstly, the act of making a resolution or decision AND secondly, refusal to give up.
The first step towards losing weight is making personal resolutions and goals. If you don’t have a goal in the first place, you can’t achieve anything. An example of a simple resolution you can make is reducing the amount of refined carbohydrates (e.g white rice) you eat.


A course of actions leading to a greater goal than the satisfaction of the immediate desire.

A disciplined person is one that has established a goal and is willing to achieve that goal at the expense of his or her immediate comfort. It is basically the ability to say no to the things you resolved to avoid. It takes self-control to stick to your resolutions. For example, it takes discipline not to take second helpings of your favourite meal. .


An inner urge that stimulates activity or inhibition.

Drive is the passion that keeps you going everyday. It is a motivating force. People who are success-driven can practically taste the success. If you are driven to lose weight, this passion will push you to keep going no matter what. When you wake up the next day after a tough work out and your whole body aches, your drive gets you out of bed.

I’ve talked about losing weight but I think these traits can be applied to every area of our lives! For example, Benjamin Franklin, is an example of a man who became successful because he mastered the art of determination. He tried over 5,000 times and failed each time before he was able to make the first light bulb.
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