Meet Long Nigerian Hair Who Has Been Transitioning For 18 Months

 Today, we chat with Long Nigerian Hair about her long transitioning journey!
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1. Who is Long Nigerian Hair?  

My name is Joie, a hair enthusiast on an adventure to discovering exciting ways of growing Nigerian hair long and healthy.

2. What’s your hair story? When did you decide to embark on a healthy hair journey and what led to it? 


In 2013,  I stumbled on a blog post with a Nigerian lady (Bassey) who had waist length hair. I was so shocked that I decided to check the web for Africans and black Americans with such hair. It was then I realized that I stood a chance of getting a long hair too.

3. What products do you swear by?

4. Are you a mixologist at heart or do you prefer store – bought products? 

I’m both. I prefer to mix my oils and butters. For some other needs, I prefer store – bought products.

5. Walk us through your regimen. 


My wash day is every two weeks. I moisturize and seal every day or every other day depending on my current protective style. Most times, I wear a protective style that can last for a week or more because of my busy schedule.

6. You’ve been transitioning for eighteen months now. Is there a reason for this? 

Oh yes! Firstly, I started transitioning as an experiment. Wanted to see how long I could go without a relaxer. Secondly, getting a big-chop will be too much of a shock. I am used to having a long hair.

7. How have you been able to manage both textures? 

I have to work my hair in smaller sections whether when shampooing or moisturizing. Touching my hair when dry is a no-no for me. Protective styling especially with wigs have been very helpful.

8.  How excited are you about your big chop, that’s if you plan to? 

I intend to big chop when I am 3 years post relaxed. Not excited yet because it looks sooo far away.

9. If you were five minutes late, what will be your go-to hairstyle? 

Easy! High bun with a pompadour.

10.  What’s your take on hair supplements and the people who use them? 

I once took biotin for 30 days. The increase in hair growth was not super conspicuous. Instead of hair supplements, I’d rather nourish my body from inside out by eating right. At the end, it depends on the individual’s preferences.

11. Is there any particular hair experience/challenge you’ll like to share with us? 

I remember doing the inversion method for 7 days. Oh boy, it worked as I grew an inch of hair.

12. Whose hair do you spend a considerable amount of time lusting after? 

Meet Long Nigerian Hair Who Has Been Transitioning For 18 Months

13. Has social media had any kind of influence on your hair decisions?

Yes it has. A lot in fact. Pinterest is my go-to app when looking for a hairstyle. YouTube is perfect for me for those hair tutorials.

14. Thanks for your time. How do we continue stalking you?

The pleasure is mine.
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