Life hacks: How to clean colored leather handbags


Every lady has one, two or more colored leather bags. I mean, it’s a staple. It’s not like we can do without it. Ladies who live in Lagos realize how hard it is to maintain bold colored bags especially if you don’t have a car. As much as we want to flaunt it, we’re also conscious of the dirt and stains that might latch onto the bag during the course of our daily activities.

So, what then do we do about it? How do you prevent your bags from being completely ruined with stains?


Makeup, baby wipes. Whatever rocks your boat. Regularly cleaning of bags will ensure that the stains don’t last long enough to cause potential damage. Just take some time out and gently clean the bag all around and leave to dry. You’ll see that your bag is as good as new. Many of us lack the maintenance culture hence a lot of our possessions get damaged prematurely.

Try cleaning your bags today and see how this practice would spill over to other things.

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