All About Lemons…

Yes, yes.. For me recently, it has been all about lemons.. Well, lemon juice.. With so many benefits, so far I have used my little bottle of lemon juice for some many purposes ranging from hair to food.

Lemon juice
Lemon juice

* Water – I have incorporated lemon juice in my water bottles, sometimes, I have to admit that water is kinda boring to drink as is but with a few drops of lemon juice, I’m able to drink more water on the go… That’s such an added advantage for someone like me that just has to remind herself to drink some water. Some say it helps with weight loss but I attest to it helping to properly activate my bowel system.. lol. And I’m no pharmacist but it does include some helpful substances one of which is vitamin C which helps to boost your immunity as well amongst other amazing functions.

*Hair – I have also used my lemon juice on my scalp since I have been having some dry scalp issues, I used it as a sort of ‘prepoo’, mixing it with some oils to massage onto my scalp and hair before actually shampooing.. The acidity is also said to soften the hardness of water which I have been  trying to combat on a budget.. P.S: Combating hard water on a budget is cray-cray..

*Facials – I have also incorporated my lemon juice in my facials, I would probably do a post on that but I mixed it with my bentonite clay and that facial was bangiiiinnnngggg! Lemon juice, like apple cider vinegar (ACV) could help tone your skin as well, and is quite effective for preventing acne.. I have used it as some form of cleanser as well after I wash my face.

*Personal care – I have been dabbing lemon juice in my underarms too as an anti-perspirant/toner and it has been working marvelously.. I’ve been doing this consistently and i see my underarms lightening up.. That’s some goood newss.

So far, that’s my adventures but lemon juice either alone or mixed with some other ingredients could help with fevers, colds etc.. Now I know why lemons (lemon grass too) are almost always a staple in the ‘agbo’ (herbal juice) that my mum used to make… Lemons are also really handy in several household tasks like polishing jewelry etc.

What do you think?

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