My Perfect Imperfections.

Okay so, I recently confessed I’ve been stalking YouTube a lot and I stumbled upon a “My Perfect Imperfections Tag” video done by one of my fave online strangers, Yagazie. She’s awesome. Yes, so I decided to do one of those. In this case, I’m gonna write about it and tag all the other beautiful contributors on our amazing Sizzelle blog to do one as well, so Fadesola, Patience, Morenikeji, Kiky Oh and the one and only Dr Fomsky, you’re it.

I remember watching a Dove ad, I think and they ask a couple of women what they liked most about their bodies and wow, most of them couldn’t think of what they liked most about their bodies. When they asked them what they liked most about their best friends, compliments flowed in and finally, when asked what they hated most about their bodies, oh boy! Answers flowed like rapid fire!!

The thing is…. it’s really easy to become insecure about our bodies, not just for ladies: social media does not hesitate to constantly remind us of the ideal figure or body we should have. Thus, we easily get caught up with trying to attain that ‘dream body’ which does not even resemble yours. Okay, just imagine Serena Williams dreaming to have Rihanna’s body. Isn’t that ridiculous??? The truth is, I honestly think we are all perfect as we are. It may sound cliché but it’s true. However, if you think you’re unhealthy or your BMI isn’t matching up or is more than it should be, then do something about but don’t loathe yourself because you wished you had someone else’s figure/height etc.

Before I start my tag, I’m asking you,:what do you love most about your body? What do you dislike most about it? But remember, God loves you just the way you are. I mean, you are wonderfully and beautifully made! Someone took time, effort, precision to make you as you are.


Now, first. The 3 things I don’t like about myself are:

  1. My teeth (dentition). Many people think it’s cute and it suits my face but I personally think I have a bit of an overbite and they’re just meh .
  2. My cheeks! I used to hate my cheeks….Gosh, I used to wish I had that type of Naomi Campbell‘s sunken kinda cheeks (reference to what I earlier mentioned) but thank God that has changed.
  3. My forehead. It can get annoying sometimes so I think that I have a love-hate relationship with it. LOL.

Three things I love most about myself:

  1. My skin! I love my skin…I love the color, it may not always be perfect but it’s really soft, gaskiya. Anyone that feels my skin just gasps and say something funny like it feels like soft bread. SMH.
  2. My scars. Yes, I also love my scars. I have this particular one on my right calf (I got bitten by a rabid dog when I was ‘7ish’). Yes I’m a testimony…Yes, it always attracts people’s attention but I’ve grown
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    to love it as it’s now a part of me.

  3. My nails. I also love my nails.. very nice something (I also used to wish they were another way. SMH).
  4. My eyes…I love my eyes. Basically, the whole package.

All this has made me realise that there is always beauty to be seen in our bodies especially as women. I don’t have a noticeable ass. Great… I’m an A cup. I appreciate myself and my body and I love it the way it is. I have sisters that have beautiful shapely bodies and they rock it perfectly…they are beautiful as well. At the end of the day, your borri is your borri. Love it!!! Love you!

As Yagazie said, if I had an ass, I would literally shake it everywhere I go: shake it to work, shake it to church, shake it to the bank, but I don’t. Before I digress, ladies. Just learn to love yourself: it will go a long way in how you perceive things and the beauty in others.

LOve, Tunrie.


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