My last relaxer day update

I took out my braids of 5 weeks and I had tons of new growth. No matter what I did, my new growth just mocked me. I really wanted to stretch for 20 weeks but I ended my stretch at 14 weeks post-relaxer: I was so scared of having a setback. It sucks right?!
I prepped my hair for relaxer day (February 14). I wanted to self-relax but was I scared!! It sounds like I am a creature of fear right? Well, just when it is about my hair.

Relaxer day preparationProduct Details


Relaxer used: Organics by Africa’s best organic conditioning relaxer system


I based my scalp with Vaseline and my previously relaxed hair with a cocktail of olive oil, Vaseline and petals conditioner.
I don’t really trust my stylist…she is one of those hair stylists who snort their noses and do whatever pleases them most of the time believing that they know better.  She couldn’t just understand why I wanted her to touch up my new growth only.  She parted my hair into four sections and proceeded to apply the relaxer. I told her to start from my crown (I’m trying to baby my nape area). She finished applying the relaxer to the four sections within 7 minutes and smoothened for another 5 minutes.
After that, I just told her to leave my hair and ran up to my room to neutralize the relaxer. Stylists here in Nigeria tend to neutralize just twice. I didn’t want to leave anything to chance by having relaxer residue in my hair. I washed all the relaxer out of

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my hair but skipped a mid-step protein treatment. I neutralized with the neutralizing shampoo that came with the relaxer. I neutralized four times just to be sure and the fifth time, I left the shampoo for five minutes before rinsing it.
Next, I applied my trusted VO5 conditioner,  rinsed it out and detangled with a wide- tooth comb of course.
I towel-dried my hair then applied ApHogee two-step protein treatment and left it to dry. I rinsed it out and followed it up with the Aphogee balancing moisturizer that came with the treatment and rinsed it out after 2 minutes. I towel dried till my hair was approximately 50% dry and then I left it to air-dry till it was like 90% dry. I added my leave-in conditioner and moisturizer then sealed in the moisture with hemp seed oil.
I had nice soft hair and threw the hair in a bun. I was too tired to roller set but it’s still on my mind. All in all, I had a great relaxer day. It was a long day but it was really worth it. My hair is just below shoulder-blade or just full shoulder length I’m still not sure.




I hope I can stretch to 20 weeks next time!
Take care!

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