LADIES, how do you exfoliate????

Lets start with knowing what it’s all about. Shall we?? Here we go:

EXFOLIATION: is separation of successive thin shells, or spalls, from massive rock such as granite or basalt; it is common in regions that have moderate rainfall. The thickness of individual sheet or plate may be from a few millimetres to a few metres…………oh no no just kidding! LOL…..

Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface, and is used by many people to help maintain healthy skin. Exfoliation is involved in the process of all facials, during microdermabrasion or chemical peels at medical spas. Exfoliation can be achieved through mechanical or chemical means……


Now some  of us go to the spa to get professionals hands do the work, while some others, like myself, love to relax at home and get their spa treatment too.

To the ladies that exfoliate at home, tell me how do you do it??

Do you exfoliate before you shower or shower before you exfoliate????

To the DIY ladies, sugar is one of the ingredients you can use when your making your body scrub and it dilutes in water right??

With this in mind, what formula do you recommend I should use?

  1. Should I shower before exfoliating? The sugar will melt probably melt on my wet body;
  2. Should I scrub before my shower? This way, the sugar won’t melt.
  3. Should I skip the DIY scrub and get myself a clarisonic exfoliation tool?

Anyways, whatever formula you use, the essence of exfoliation is to remove the layer of old dead skin cells, get healthy, toned and glowing skin……….

It is recommended to be done once a week.

After exfoliating, you should moisturize your skin..for oily skin ladies go for an oil-free moisturizer.

You can make your own scrub in your kitchen, here is a link for DIY recipes: make your choice depending on the availability of the items used.

Till next time, be Elegant, Beautiful and Healthy.







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  1. I love exfoliation… It is adviceable to exfoliate before taking a shower… The exfoliantes tend to dissolve when in contact with water…i exfoliate before I shower, but to avoid any extra strain on my skin, I ensure my skin is a little damp from maybe sweat or water.. I also add some squeezed lime juice in my scrub to get some brightening effect on my skin……i love my scrub jare.

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