Keeping my face, hands and lips moisturized this winter

When I first moved away from Nigeria, my skin was peeling and my lips were another story. I stopped washing my face everyday: I was just cleansing it with an all-in-one facial cleanser-toner. However, I was still breaking out.

I recently decided to return to washing my face twice a day and my face is a bit clearer. I do think though that my skin has adjusted cos’ it doesn’t flake anymore.

To combat the dryness

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during the day, I re-moisturize my face every time it feels or looks dry. I make sure my hands are clean first so that I don’t cause more problems! 🙂
I also keep hand cream in my car and in my purse. If I don’t regularly moisturize my hands, then they start looking like an old woman’s hands especially in this dry winter weather! LOL!
To moisturize my lips, I use my hand cream before applying my lipgloss. Crazy but this is the only thing that has worked to keep my lips from peeling!!

Winter essentials on-the-go

Having to re-moisturize my face more than once a day made me reconsider my hair’s moisture levels but that’s a story for my next post!

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