Introduction to Multi-Masking

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Thanks to the previous posts done on this platform, we’ve pretty much covered ayurvedic clays and their many benefits for the skin and hair!. Just to jog your memory, Ebunite talked about Rhassoul clay here and I talked about multani mitti here.
As you can imagine, mud masking is nothing new. If you aren’t on the mud mask wagon, please jump on it FAST! With a multitude of healing clay comes a multitude of benefits so you’d definitely have to find what clay addresses skin issues you may be having.
Mud masks are quite absorbent, they suck out all the impurities and goo and heal your skin as they work their magic! Please refer to this post on the etiquette of mud masks! Just remember: “NEVER LET A CLAY MASK DRY COMPLETELY ON YOUR SKIN”.
Here’s a quick guide on some clays and the skin and hair they address:
Rhassoul Clay perfectly soaks up impurities—sebum plugs, blackheads, whiteheads and is not at all drying. You could add a drop of carrier oil if you’re worried about it being too dry. Throw in some oats and you have yourself an exfoliator.
Bentonite Clay is also super absorbing, if you have an oily t-zone or chin, this mask would be perfect for those areas when multi-masking.
Fuller’s Earth Clay is great for hyper-pigmented skin due to its skin lightening properties. It would be perfect for areas of the face that aren’t quite as light as the others.
Kaolin Clay comes in several colours and have multiple purposes ranging from brightening to detoxifying.
Amla tones and brightens the skin.
Multani mitti cleanses deep into the pores and combats acne.
Activated charcoal detoxifies and minimizes pore.
What other clays do you know? Pre-mixed clays also exist to address your skin concerns. Just be sure to know how to mix things up.
If you have combination skin, all you have to do is figure out your skin situation and multi-mask accordingly. If you have dry patches, skip the clay and apply some cream for moisture. You could mix things up!
There you go! Bring out your clay! Get a-mixing and prepare for your home spa session!
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