Meet Tex Queen, Delphine Okobah

Hi Guys,

How is it going as per hair resolutions and all?

Mine is not going badly. Sometimes I start getting excited about the different things I should do with my hair then I just remember ‘low manipulation’ and keep calm. Lol

Anyways, that’s not the topic for today; we are introducing a new series: The Tex Queen which alongside our daily discoveries and conversation on how to grow healthy relaxed hair, is about sharing real life stories of anyone that comes close to “Hair Goals” for us in the relaxed/ texlaxed hair kingdom.

Our first Tex Queen in this series is Delphine Okobah; an architect, model, media personality and creative designer. Like me you will wonder how one person can juggle so many careers and still manage to maintain healthy tresses.

I had a chat with her and here’s what we found:

Q: What’s your hair regimen?
A: It’s nothing complex. I do my best to stay away from relaxers for at least 3 months, sometimes I stretch to 4 months. Afterwards, I ensure I steam at least 2 weeks after relaxing.

Q: What’s your favourite part of your hair regimen?
A: Blow drying my hair after I’ve kept it “unrelaxed” for a while. I find it therapeutic


Q: What’s your most annoying part?
A: Combing it out after months of undergrowth have grown.

Q: What are your favorite hair products?
A: Organics

Q: Whose hair did you admire as a child?
A: Sade Adu 🙂

Q: What is your ultimate goal length?
A: 16 inches

Q: Healthy hair or long hair?
A: Definitely healthy hair


Q: Would you consider cutting your hair?
A: Yes, I’ve played around with the idea. But I get bored easily, so even if I did, I’d probably find myself growing it out again.

Q: What are your favourite hair accessories?
A: Bobby pins! Magic always happens with Bobby pins, lol.

Q: Oils or butters?
A: Oils

Q: Bun or ponytail?
A: Bun. That’s my go to natural hairdo


Q: Wig or weave
A: Hmmm. Wig, very handy.

Q: Favorite hairstyle?
A: All-back cornrows aka Ghana weaving

Q: Where is your go-to source for hair info?
A: Nowhere in particular

Q: What advice do you give someone who wants to grow their hair relaxed and healthy?
A: Stay away from relaxers as long as you can. Try your best not to relax too often. Wear protective styles as often as you can.


You can find more photos of Delphine on her Instagram page here

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