Introducing new bloggers: Dara’s the NEWBIE ON THE BLOCK!

We’ve glad to announce Dara, one of our newest contributors. She’s pretty awesome, here’s what she has to say for herself!

How her hair journey began..

After a phase of neglecting my hair, I looked in the mirror and realized my perfectly good hair was breaking, it was ugly and it looked sick. (I’m sorry I don’t have a picture). It reminded me of my first big chop when my mom decided my hair was too horrible. It was time for a change (a positive change though). The cluelessness that came with this change was quite a lot.

At first it was just about caring for my shoulder-length hair but I read up on some blogs, stalked hair enthusiasts on Instagram, watched YouTube videos and then it hit me, my hair doesn’t have to be shoulder-length, it could be a lot longer and that’s when my hair journey started. I bought products, created a hair regimen, I had to switch it up a couple of times then I started noticing the difference in my hair and I haven’t looked back since then.

I haven’t figured out everything but I’d love to share the things I’ve learnt with you. I’m not one of those perfect witty people who come up with answers to questions about themselves so I will just leave some random facts about myself. (Maybe not so random though)

Short introduction and a few faves!

My name is Idara, you could call me DARA. I am a masterpiece and a work in progress too. My birthday is 29 th June. I love good music and I know how to write with my book upside down (not weird). Professionally, I am a lawyer and chartered accountant in the making. I’m a Christian. I love planning a lot. How I met Your Mother is my fave series and my fave movie is The Fault In Our Stars, I could watch it every day for the rest of my life. I love neutral colours. I have an awesome family and awesome friends (great support system) and I love them so much. Seychelles is my dream destination. Sneakers over heels, all day, everyday. My go to protective style is a bun.

Dara’s hair regimen

  • Moisturize and seal my hair at least one in two days but this depends on how my hair feels.
  • Oil my scalp with Jamaican Black Castor Oil at least 3 times a week.
  • Shampoo and deep condition once a week.
  • Relax my hair at least after 18 weeks, I stretch it sometimes when I’m feeling lazy or don’t readily have access to relaxer.
  • Wear a satin bonnet whenever I’m in the comfort of my room. I was born with great skin…lol… just kidding. Or am I?
  • I have never trimmed my hair (I’m afraid they’ll cut off too much, you know like all hairdressers do) but I’ll do that after my next relax.

Dara’s skincare regimen

  • Bath and moisturize skin with Johnson’s baby lotion (please don’t judge me).
  • Drink 3.5 litres of water everyday (trust me, hydration is not worth all the peeing).
  • Tried to incorporate exfoliating with sugar scrub but that didn’t last.

My skin looks great and I hope it looks better. You know hopefully, I wake up one morning with some kickass glow.


Nigerian brands you love?

I fall in love with Nigerian brands whenever I discover them because they are impressive, and I’ll mention just a few; House of Tara, R and R luxury, Shop Maju, Cookie Jar Bakery, Hans and Rene (the connoisseurs of the sweet life.)

Fave cheat meal?

Cheat meal hahaha everyday could be a cheat day. If it was just one day, I would have Mint, Sweet cream baileys, Cake batter, Coffee flavoured ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery, Chicken Bali pizza from Dominos pizza (not a slice, the whole thing), shawarma from 01shawarma, one standard sized pizza from Debonair’s meat menu, Butter Pecan Waffle from Ice cream Factory, and make no mistake, I might eat all this at one sitting …at this point if you don’t think I am a foodie, you are a foodie too. Not to forget Zobo sorbet from Hans and Rene. PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE ME!! I love water but sometimes Caprisonne or Iced tea.

I hope I have given you an insight into my bombass life… just joking. Toodles!!!!


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