Introducing a new blogger to the Sizzelle team: it’s eBunite!!!

My name is Ebun Oluwole commonly referred to as ”eBunite” online. I’m a Creative/Freelance Writer, Lifestyle Blogger, Naturalista, DIY Junkie, Budding Photographer and somehow still manage to be a student of French and International Studies in my third year. As an aspiring Globetrotter, my interests spread across Photography, Makeup Artistry, Creative Writing and very recently Natural Hair as well as Organic Living.
I have so much passion for healthy organic living that I try to advocate it via my writings. On my quest for healthy hair care, I stumbled on Natural Hair and haven’t looked back ever since. In the last one year, my natural hair journey has immensely influenced my lifestyle and has spread across my skin, diet, fitness, thereby making me more health conscious.

I run a personal blog and write for a number of websites including African Naturalistas. In my leisure time, I can be found either on social media, my blog, in the pages of paperbacks or trying my hands on natural beauty and hair recipes.

I’m so excited to be joining the SIZZELLE team. I look forward to sharing more on healthy living and lifestyle in general.  



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