I hate relaxers!

Yes, I hate relaxers!! Ok…the truth is I have a love-hate relationship with relaxers. I just had one done two weeks ago and I have mixed feelings about it.
I’ll tell you why:

Reason 1. Thinning strands:

I am happy with the state of my ‘texlaxed’ hair now: I already have low to moderate density hair strands which are fine in diameter and I don’t want my hair to become any thinner.

I have this feeling that relaxers can damage the hair follicles and over time, lead to thinner hair strands coming out of the scalp. To combat this, I try to base my scalp with layers of Jamaican Black castor oil and Vaseline.

I try to ensure that the relaxer is only applied to the new growth although it is inevitable that it still touches the previously relaxed hair. In addition, while rinsing off the relaxer, the relaxer run-off touches the previously relaxed hair and can also cause damage and thinning hair strands. I try to combat this by applying conditioner to my hair prior to applying the relaxer. Some relaxed hair bloggers advocate using Roux Porosity Control Conditioner and silk amino acids to reduce damage caused by this run-off. I also try to combat hair damage by using a protein conditioner after rinsing off the relaxer. This helps to strengthen the hair and restore some of its protein content.

Reason 2: Shampooing my hair

I have to shampoo my hair several times to get the relaxer out. I HATE shampooing my hair because it always leaves my hair feeling dry. That’s why I now make my own cleansing conditioner. After my last relaxer day, it got me wondering if there was a conditioner that could do the job of neutralising the relaxer…Then I REMEMBERED a post Nadege had done on her Relaxed Hair Health blog where she mentioned the Linange shea butter relaxer and its neutralising conditioner. You can read her post HERE.


I’ve placed a personal order for the Linange neutralizing conditioner in anticipation of my next relaxer day. I can’t wait for it to get here. I am currently using Activilong Relaxer Kit (Mild). Although I am able to use it to successfully ‘under process’ (texlax) my hair, my hair always feels very hard after using it. So, I also decided to buy the Linange No-Lye Shea Butter Relaxer to go with the conditioner. The Linange relaxer also has a lye version too but I prefer no-lye relaxers.

In my next post, I’ll give you guys my step-by-step relaxer day process.

Much love!



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