Tips on how to take a weave out of your hair with minimal breakage

Hi people… been a while…. so sorry about being out of touch: I’m in the process of a major family change so all my time has been taken up with that.

Anyways, I had to come out of hiding to respond to a little concern of one of my friends and blog readers. She called me yesterday complaining that she lost a LOT of hair while taking down her weave. A couple of weeks, one of my Sizzelle staff also had a similar issue. And before that, one of our Sizzelle staff bloggers also had a similar issue. Read her post, Introducing MorenikejI by clicking HERE.

To take a weave or braids out with little or less breakage, I recommend that:

  1. You get someone else to do the cutting of thread and removal of bond glue. Sometimes, when you do it yourself, you might end up cutting your hair.
  2. When you loosen each plait or braid, detangle each immediately. You can soften the hair by applying an oil i.e grapeseed oil OR spraying some detangler spray. I know it seems a little time-consuming but if you wait till you’ve taken it all out before detangling your hair, you’ll lose more hair.
  3. In addition, detangle your hair BEFORE you wash your hair. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up with matted ‘dada’ hair which will lead to a difficult detangling session and a lot of hair breakage.

Tangled matted hair

What tips do you use when taking down your weaves and/or braids?

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