How to differentiate between protein and moisture-intensive products

Just like every natural newbie, the issue of protein/moisture balance comes up sooner or later. The secret is to know the difference between the products in order to avoid damage in the long run which can be in form of dry, brittle hair or hydral fatigue.

So, how do you tell the difference? How do you identify the kind of products you’re buying?

The trick is in the ingredient list. When purchasing protein conditioners look out for ingredients like wheat protein, oat protein, soy protein, keratin, collagen, silk amino acids, e.t.c. On the other hand, moisturizing conditioners contain ingredients like honey, aloe vera gel and juice, cholesterol, glycerine and a plethora of oils.

However, it is also important to note that some products are balanced conditioners as they contain equal amounts of protein and moisture.

Another trick is to look out for cholesterol conditioners. These are strictly moisturizing conditioners for example, Queen Helene Cholesterol Conditioning Cream and Dark and Lovely Ultra Cholesterol. During this harmattan period, those should be your staple conditioners.

I hope this helped someone. If you still need clarification, don’t forget to reach out to us.

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