Hair regimen building video series: the intro

Hi peeps. I’ve decided to start a video series on hair regimen building. It’s just going to outline the basic steps you need to practise when you are just starting out on a hair journey. I think that you should  master these basics before you start delving into the ‘advanced’ stuff like henna, ayurveda, tea rinses, etc.

Get to know your hair first before you add the extras so that you know what your hair feels like first.

So, what are these basics you say?

  1. Pre-shampoo conditioning
  2. Shampooing
  3. Deep conditioning
  4. Drying and styling your hair the right way
  5. How you keep your hair moisturised between wash days

That’s it!!!

If you have any questions and/or topics you want me to cover in the video, please leave a comment below.

Watch my short intro video here.

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  1. Please can you do a video on how to use argan oil on d hair cos I was tld to moisturize mu hair wv argan andcastor oil at nyt.

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